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We feel honored to work with families who entrust us to help them prepare, navigate, and transition through their journey. With professionalism, respect, and dignity we strive to provide the best legal plan tailored to each families needs to ensure peace-of-mind.




We are a boutique style law office that specializes in Elder Law. With years of experience and resources, clients can utilize us to address all Elder Law needs in one stop. We build trusted and lasting relationships with our clients, their families, and other senior care professionals to achieve our families goals.  

Our Values:

• Trust

• Honesty & Integrity

• Respect

• Excellence

• Teamwork

• Collaboration

• Service to Our Community

• Communication


Key Strategies:

​1. Responsibility to Clients: Our clients come first. We vow to go above and beyond for every client to provide        the best legal support to address difficult obstacles and achieves desired outcomes. 

2. Responsibility to our Profession: Our work reflects the ethical and legal standards of the United States                   Supreme Court and the State of Michigan in which we are licensed. We are privileged to practice the law to           help others.

3. Responsibility to our Team: Our motto is "work to live" not "live to work." By creating a positive work-life             balance for our team, our professionals are happy, excited, and eager to take on any challenge. We eliminate         "burn-out" which improves the engagement, effectiveness, and efficiency of our team.

4. Responsibility to our Community: We work hard to set a positive example in our community. By                           collaborating with local resources, services, and professionals we are able to give back while also providing our     clients the opportunity to utilize all resources available to them. 

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