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Medicaid Planning

Our experienced attorneys specialize in the law relating to Medicaid and long-term-care health issues. We help our clients protect their loved ones and their assets through proper planning techniques. We compile and prepare Medicaid applications and annual redeterminations and have an outstanding success rate in obtaining coverage for our clients.


The law is constantly changing or being reinterpreted. A mistake on a Medicaid application may cost more than $25,000 to the applicant. Let us help you or your loved one navigate this difficult process and get you qualified for Medicaid in a nursing home today!

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is one of the most important steps any person can take to make sure their final property and healthcare wishes are honored and loved ones are provided for in their absence. By anticipating and arranging details of an estate during one’s life they can minimize the stress and costs acquired with death while maximizing security and peace-of-mind for loved ones.

Long-Term Care Planning


Almost 70% of people turning 65 will need long-term care at some point in their lives. With the average cost of skilled nursing facilities in Michigan over $9,000 per month, it is important to review all programs including Medicaid, Medicare, and Veterans Eligibility to help assist with the costs of medical needs. We strive to support the wishes of our clients by securing their assets and finding them the best care available.  

Special Needs Planning


Have a family member with special needs? Our office is dedicated to combining our legal expertise with the best resources available to implement a comprehensive plan unique to your circumstances. It is our passion to uphold the values and quality of life standards our clients envision for the future of their loved ones. 


We understand how overwhelming the death of a loved one can be. Let us help by taking on the legal obligations that come with a death and ensuring the state of your loved one stays out of Probate Court. Without proper planning, state law takes over and your wishes are unfulfilled.

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